Online Bidding
Credit Limit

There are three ways to register for bidders previously unknown to NAGEL AUKTIONEN:

a) Registration by using a credit card:

In this case, the bidder authorizes Nagel Auktionen to reserve an amount indicated by the bidder on the credit card. The bidding is limited to this amount. Nagel Auktionen guarantees to cancel the reserved amount within two days after the auction if the bidder was not successful. In case bidding was successful, we will hold the reserved amount until we have received the payment of the invoice via transfer or cash payment since we do not accept credit card payments by mail order.

The bidder must be aware that the credit card limit is reduced accordingly.
b) Registration with bank guarantee (bidding is limited to the amount of the guarantee)
c) Cash deposit (bidding is limited to the amount of the deposit)

In all cases you can use the Online Bidding Registration Form. For a registration with bank guarantee you will need the form Bank Guarantee in additionally.

The status of bidders exceeding their credit limit will be changed to 'guest' during the auction. Please make sure that your credit limit matches the invoice amount you intend to spend in this Auction.